Brit Marling / Paris Barclay / A re-boot for “Much Ado…”

Brit Marlng (“Another Earth,” “Sound of My Voice”) again brings her fierce, penetrating intelligence as both co-writer and actor to “The East,” a provocative and understated thriller set in the murky moral territory of eco-terrorism, and the clandestine efforts to subvert it. Ms. Marling co-authored the beautifully-sculpted script with director Zal Batmanglij, and the work by all involved – acting, cinematography, set design – is a knockout. And oh yes, by all means – check out “Another Earth,” available through the usual outlets. Keep your eyes on Brit Marling.

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I won’t even pretend to be any kind of an authority on William Shakespeare, so I’ll leave the debates about veracity to others, but what I can attest to is the delightful, witty, and economical treatment that is Joss Whedon’s “Much Ado About Nothing.” It represents great fun of the less-is-more variety of filmmaking, a terrific ensemble cast, and is shot in gorgeous high-contrast black and white with the Red Epic and a Canon 5DMkll. Go see it.

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A very special congratulations to Paris Barclay, who has just been elected President of the Directors Guild of America. He is the first African American so chosen by the DGA, and has been a major force as a director and producer in television for many years. He currently is an executive producer and director on Kurt Sutter’s “Sons of Anarchy”, one of the very best shows available in the comfort of your home – or anywhere, for that matter. (Well, whaddya know – the second Shakespeare reference in this post.)