Steve has completed several amazing video projects for my organization. I love working with Steve, he’s the right guy for complex, intensive projects that would turn other filmmakers to quivering jello! Always follows through with no excuses and mucho creativity. I hope to be fortunate enough to work with him on many more projects in the coming years.

– Mark Pauline, Founder & Director, Survival Research Laboratories

Steve has been our company’s official videographer for several years and does a fantastic job! He has created well-sequenced-and-edited promotional trailers for our plays and also filmed entire productions. Last year he filmed one of our shows at Berkeley City Club.  Due to the intimate, almost in-the-round layout of the theatre space, I can imagine the play was rather challenging to capture on film. But if there’s anyone who could find a way to do it, it was Steve. The DVD — filmed with a clear technical and emotional understanding of the material — evoked the intimacy of viewing the play live.

– Chloe Bronzan, Co-Founder and Artistic Director, Symmetry Theatre Company

Steve was able to work with a piece of video that was taken late in the life of my father who was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and make a short video that captured the essence of his being. It is with great admiration that I write this testimonial and honor his talent and hard work.

– Tama Bell

Steve Bage has the sensibility of a truly skillful artist. He is able to work expertly from his head and his heart. Years of connection to the arts in general nourished him while he was on the path that led to his true calling as a videographer. We worked together for years in my photo studio, and I recommend him highly. You can know that he wants your project to be as good as you do – or maybe even better.”

– Irene Young, Music Photographer

“It was an excitingly creative experience to work with Steve Bage to produce a 20-minute video of Art in the Garden, the annual fund-raiser for the Redwood Art Association with 30 artists painting in a magnificent historical Humboldt County garden. Steve’s task was to weave together three stories: An exploration of the creative process of painting en plein air from the artist’s perspective; An historical overview of how seeing and recording nature in landscape painting has changed over the years; And to relay the rich history and lore of this unique garden in which Art in the Garden was taking place. It was an audacious task to establish shooting and recording priorities, capturing images of the garden and the painters while they were painting within the limited timeframe of an afternoon, then to weave it all together into a meaningful video through brilliant editing. The resulting video with its original music far exceeded my expectations. Steve is an artist, a talented videographer, a thoughtful editor and a pleasure to work with. I recommend his work highly.”

– Roy Grieshaber, Pres., Redwood Art Association

“Challenge Steve Bage with the impossible, and the impossible soon becomes possible! How can you take ten years of annual Cabaret Dinner Theater, and produce a video that shows the talent and passion of numerous volunteers? Ask Steve! Through the years, our organization has produced musical cabaret dinner shows to benefit breast cancer research. These events showcased many local artists. Their talents, while uniquely individual, worked together in harmony. As we approached our final year, we asked Steve if he could somehow capture the magic of our successful ten year run, and preserve it for posterity. Steve did it by weaving personal testimonials into the final show; that show was the best of the best, and our video is the best of the best. We will always be able to keep the great voices, fabulous musicians, and the many faces that helped work their magic to raise money for the American Cancer Society’s restricted fund for Breast Cancer education and research. Great vision and great editing made a great video. Our Charitable organization, Little Gems Productions, now has a video reminder that regular people can make such a big difference in peoples lives.” Thank You Steve!

– Pam Ippolito and Christine Paterson, Producers – Little Gems Productions