Survival Research Labs Film Shoot, Burke Ave., San Francisco, April 24, 2016. Also features footage from opening night of CAPITAL’s Black Standard at Minnesota Street Project, featuring SRL. Produced and edited by SB:

Below: SRL stages a Live Re-enactment of Karl Sims’ “Evolved Virtual Creatures,” in connection with Zero1, 7/10/15, at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California. Go here for more.

Below: Mark Pauline at Nerd Night, 2/21/15, Chabot Planetarium.

Below: Released in 2014, this is the piece I assembled for Mark Pauline, inviting Google to take him up on his offer to stage Survival Research Labs shows on the Google campus. This includes  archival and new footage (shot by SB). Produced and edited by SB.

 Below: This is the video book trailer that I co-produced with Marie Carbone and our friend Blanca Florido, to celebrate the imminent publishing of Blanca’s first novel in a Young-Adult fantasy series – “The Faerie Tales: Awakening.”

 Below: Live from ArtPadSF, May 19, 2012: the public debut of the Spine Robot, produced for Mark Pauline / Survival Research Laboratories. It includes comments by Mark – recorded during a panel discussion – about his work in the urban setting. Shot, edited, and scored by SB.

  Below: This edit of Symmetry Theatre Company’s latest production was used by them for a grant application. I also was the Sound Designer for this production. Shot and edited by SB.

  Below: Art in the Garden, 2009. Artists painting en plein air, the historic gardens of Dr. Peter Burgess, and the Redwood Art Association––a video created by independent film makers Steve Bage and Marie Carbone of Sausalito. It is 19 minutes in length.

  Below: In 2011, I introduced myself to Mark Pauline of Survival Research Laboratories…I’ve been a fan since seeing a show in 1989. He subsequently asked if I would be interested in re-editing, for the Web, a 17-minute archival video of a show that SRL presented in San Francisco in 1994. Here is my 7-minute re-edit of the DOOM show:

  Below: This is a promotional spot I did for Symmetry Theatre Company:

  Below: Here is my March 2012 edit of Survival Research Laboratories LIVE at the 2002 Webby Awards, San Francisco: (Thanks to Mark Pauline.) “This is a short show we staged in connection with the 2002 Webby Awards show in SF, held at the Legion of Honor. Highlights include 55 gallons of pink gack, Grey Leyh’s shocking Tesla Coil, and a really cool machine wrestling scene. This show also proves once and for all, (well, at least once…) that SRL doesn’t always create mayhem at their shows. Edited By Steve Bage. Video shot by Dave Scardina and Chris Seguine.” – Mark Pauline

  Below: I had great fun shooting the Blue Angels over San Francisco Bay on October 1st and 2nd, 2011, for their annual celebration of Fleet Week in the Bay Area. Here is the movie:

  Below: The following two clips are website promotional spots, produced for Body By X, in Corte Madera, California:


  Below:  This project for John Anderson’s art presented unique challenges. The source material was given to me as a DVD, wherein there was a long, single-shot interview with the artist, and a bit of footage shot by the interviewers in his studio. I wanted to get to the essence of the artist, and so I adopted a process of extraction – of audio clips from the interview, and still frames from the studio video. It was the perfect music – composed and performed by Marie Carbone – that imbued the piece with breath of its own.

  Below: Music video for Rebecca Harrold co-produced with Irene Young. The music was produced by Will Ackerman:

  Below: Video for All One Ocean nonprofit co-produced with Irene Young:

  Below: This is a documentary piece, co-produced with Irene Young: